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Exclusive free offer for ASCL members!

Revitalised, ASCL's preferred supplier for online health management systems, is offering 100 ASCL members a free six-month pilot of the Online Personal Health Management System (OPHMS) for their schools. This can include staff, staff and their partners, parents, students and partner primary schools.

The OPHMS is designed to help the entire school community to lead a healthier lifestyle. It can be tailored to individual needs, with personalised programmes to improve fitness, eat healthily, lose weight and reduce stress.

By helping to put schools at the centre of their community's efforts to adopt healthier living habits, it enables schools to meet their National Healthy Schools Status objectives.

Revitalised now has more than 25,000 parent members nationally - that's approximately 50,000 children whose family homes are leading healthier lives.

The free pilot is offered on a 'no obligation' basis, exclusively to the first 100 ASCL members who respond - allowing you to measure and assess the impact before committing to an investment.

If you do decide to proceed, the OPHMS package is available at the discounted ASCL members' rate of just 895 per year.

One of the benefits of ASCL membership is discounts and special rates on a range of personal and educational products and services. There are healthcare products, financial advice, online staff well-being systems and self-evaluation surveys. Check out the full list at www.ascl.org.uk

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