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Caution: hidden dangers


Members may have heard over the summer of the father who was arrested when he slapped his daughter on the face when she would not behave. Whether your sympathy lies with the man or the daughter, what then happened is a cautionary tale.

She called the police; they arrested him; he was offered the option of a caution and took it. What no one had told him was that by doing so he acquired a police record and the work he had done with young people for many years was now barred to him.

The moral for members is that if there is the slightest chance of involvement with the police in relation to their work they should contact the ASCL hotline or, if arrested, give the hotline number to someone who can call it for them.

ASCL can then get legal representation and advice to the member. Sometimes it may be wise to take a caution but it needs to be understood that doing so over any matter involving children may end a career.

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