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The ASCL Benevolent Fund exists to support members at all stages of their careers through difficult times.

A recent case brought to the ASCL Benevolent Fund concerned a young member who suddenly and quite unexpectedly found himself out of a job. For reasons which are still the subject of action by ASCL and its lawyers, an appointment which had been formally offered and accepted by the member was withdrawn, after his resignation from his previous position had been accepted.

With a young family to support, a mortgage to maintain and all the normal commitments of someone in mid-career, this member was left without earned income and obliged to sign on for unemployment benefit. While his mediumto- long-term prospects of securing another post are good, the immediate situation was demoralising and financially shattering. Happily, the ASCL Benevolent Fund was able to make an interest-free loan, enabling the immediate bills to be paid and tiding the family over until new sources of income could be secured.

What is the ASCL Benevolent Fund?

The ASCL Benevolent Fund was set up in 1980 to help serving and retired members and their families who found themselves in need. It is a registered charity, administered by 11 independent trustees, three of whom are appointed by ASCL Council. The money comes from contributions from members plus income derived from the investment of those contributions. The amount of support the fund can give is limited only by the income from investments and contributions: the bigger the fund, the more the fund can do.

In the early years of the fund, members were generous in their contributions, many taking the virtually painless route of adding a few pounds ear-marked for the fund to their annual subscription payment. However, although ASCL membership has grown substantially, the fund's income has not kept pace. In 2007, the total income from members was only 2,600. If every member had contributed just 1, nearly five times that amount would have been raised.

As the example above shows, disaster can come to anyone at any time and it must be good to know that help is at hand. The fundraisers for the ASCL Benevolent Fund are the members of ASCL. It is your Benevolent Fund and you and those dear to you might one day be glad that it's there.

John Sutton, chairman of the trustees, ASCL Benevolent Fund

How can I help?

The easiest way to contribute is to add a few pounds to your monthly direct debit. Annual or one-off donations are also gratefully accepted. All you have to do is fill in and return the form at www.ascl.org.uk/benevolentfund or email membership@ascl.org.uk

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