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'Teacher sued for wrong advice'

Does a headline like this worry you? In an ever increasing litigious society more and more educational professionals are subjected to legal action from disgruntled students and colleagues seeking financial compensation.

The current compensation culture in which we live means that even the education sector is no longer exempt. Dissatisfied customers, including parents and former students, are now more than willing to seek redress if their service expectations have not been met.

Employers' insurance may cover most situations that happen in school/college, but what about those instances in which you work in a private capacity outside your normal course of employment?

ASCL members may be unaware that their employers' insurance does not extend to cover extracurricular activities such as private tuition, advice and support to governing bodies, or preparation and running of courses.

In these circumstances you may have no protection against being sued for professional negligence or personal liability. It goes without saying that the financial and emotional implications can be devastating.

ASCL has worked with the Alan Boswell Group to offer protection to members involved in teaching, lecturing, coaching, or educational consultancy work in a private capacity outside the scope of their contract of employment with the local authorities or school. For as little as 100, cover can be bought online for public liability and professional indemnity for up to 1,000,000.

For further details, visit www.alanboswell.com/ascl

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