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Inquiry into teacher training

ASCL was invited to give oral evidence on teacher training to the Parliamentary Children, Schools and Families Committee in May. Also at the session alongside ASCL were the ATL, NAHT, NASUWT and NUT.

In his opening remarks, ASCL General Secretary John Dunford said that any discussion of professional development in schools should look at the wider workforce.

He said: "Staff development in schools now means more than simply teachers. When planning a professional development programme, schools are thinking about the development of all staff. I think you should bear that in mind when you are doing this inquiry."

He added: "I hope the committee's report will help in the process of re-professionalising a teaching profession that has been quite seriously de-professionalised, from all the top-down regulation over the past 20 years, particularly in relation to curriculum and assessment."

When asked his opinion by the committee, John cautiously welcomed the idea of an active registration system for teachers, in which they would be required to complete ongoing professional development in order to remain registered.

He said: "We expect our doctors to be up to date when they treat us. I do not see why the public should not have an expectation that teachers are up to date when they teach their children."

ASCL also submitted written evidence to the committee.

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