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What are the odds?

As an ASCL premier partner and the country's leading provider of stakeholder surveys for schools, we at Kirkland Rowell were particularly interested in John Dunford's comments in October's Leader, on the importance of schools gathering their own qualitative parent and pupil survey data.

We wondered, do the most effective school leaders gather and use the best data? When we started to investigate this we were more than a little surprised to see that the schools of the last eight ASCL presidents in a row had all used Kirkland Rowell to gather stakeholder opinions.

We get quite excited over the opportunity to create a good statistic (we're just like that) so we set out to calculate the odds of this happening by chance. The answer? Just over 8 million to one!

Kirkland Rowell now works with over half of the country's secondary schools. This means that, uniquely, we can weight your findings against the perceptions and attitudes of millions of parents, pupils and staff from schools similar to yours.

Whether you need help with your new 2009 SEF or with development planning, or if you simply want to see if your decisions are making a real difference to your school's parents, pupils and staff, contact Kirkland Rowell on 0191 270 8270 or visit our new website at www.kirkland-rowell.com

The next president of ASCL probably already has...

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