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School closures and exams

ASCL was quoted extensively in the media during the January snow coverage. John Dunford was on BBC News 24, BBC1 South East, Radio 4 and BBC Online discussing school closures. He said that the decision to close is always a difficult one and heads take advice from a wide range of sources including the police, local authority and bus companies.

On BBC News 24, John said: "Heads will try to keep the school open if at all possible, but their first responsibility has to be the safety of the children, and that's not just on journey and from school but taking into consideration what the situation is like around the school, including footpaths and school yard."

Regionally, ASCL was quoted in the Liverpool Echo, Morning Star, Southern Daily Echo, Express and Star, and Scarborough Evening News, among others.

Sacking teachers

When the Conservative Party announced its draft education manifesto on 9 January, the media honed in on plans to weed out 'incompetent' teachers.

John Dunford's response was quoted in the Independent and Guardian among others. He said: "It is in the interest of neither pupils nor teachers themselves if an incompetent teacher is allowed to continue in post or to move to another.

"Heads need clear and rapid capability procedures and support from local authorities in putting them into action and this does not currently happen in all parts of the country."

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