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Rewards for healthy employees

Research from Benenden Healthcare Society reveals that 80 per cent of public sector workers have never heard of a total reward package, which, in addition to salary, recognises employees' more holistic needs, including their health and well-being.

The research, conducted among over 1000 public sector employees, revealed that:

  • Workers in the civil service appeared to be better informed about the benefits of total reward schemes, compared to local authority and NHS staff

  • Awareness of the importance of total reward schemes to employee motivation was greater at senior management level, as was the cost of sickness absence

With estimates of absenteeism amounting to 172 million working days lost and costs to employers reaching 13 billion, the benefits of a total reward scheme that integrates staff health and well-being into a comprehensive sickness management programme become obvious. To find out more or view the research in full, go to www.benenden.org.uk

  • Benenden Healthcare, an ASCL preferred supplier, provides prompt treatment and help with healthcare costs to public sector employees for only 1.50 per person per week. To find out more about Benenden's Corporate Membership Plan, call 0845 052 5730 or email bdu@benenden.org.uk

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