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ASCL evidence to NEET enquiry

Engaging, appropriate qualifications and active employer engagement are key factors in decreasing the number of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET), ASCL told the Parliamentary select committee on education last term.

ASCL president John Morgan and vice president John Fairhurst were invited to give evidence to the enquiry on tackling NEETs, along with representatives from the Association of Colleges.

John Morgan told the committee: "It is important that we have qualifications that these young people can react to... (and that we measure success through) an average total number of points achieved by each student, rather than thinking you have achieved if you get over a threshold. Some young people aren't going to make it to the level 2 threshold of five A*-C."

John also reminded the committee that, while schools and colleges are working hard to reduce the number of NEETs, employer engagement and a healthy economy are also critical factors.

John Fairhurt made the point that focusing on 16 as an endpoint sends the wrong message. "It is too early, and there is a lot of water to flow under the bridge," he said. "In the longer run, we need to move away from the obsession with outcomes for individuals and schools at 16."

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