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Future-proof your VLE

Using technology to raise children's attainment has long been a focus in education and one way to achieve this is to give pupils access to online learning opportunities via a virtual learning environment (VLE). The challenge for schools is populating their VLE with quality online content relevant to the National Curriculum. One option is to purchase it from outside.

The Library from Accipio Learning is one such resource, offering over 3,000 online lessons, pre-recorded by subject specialist teachers. Each lesson provides up to 30 minutes of online content, kept up to date with the National Curriculum, and also has an extension activity to allow pupils to test their learning and teachers to monitor progress.

Using the Library, teachers create personalised learning plans for pupils with direct links to specific lessons. It is an ideal revision resource for GCSE candidates working in school or at home and can also be used as an engaging resource for pupil inclusion, to provide additional learning for short-term absences and as a teaching aid for cover supervisors in the classroom.

The Library can be purchased on a three-year licence, which provides access to Accipio's entire Key Stage 3 and 4 and Basic Skills curriculum. ASCL members receive a 10 per cent discount.

Accipio is ASCL's preferred supplier of live online teaching.

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