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Vetting and barring scheme on hold

Members will no doubt be aware that the government has put on hold the new vetting and barring scheme, administered by the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) and scheduled to come into effect on 26 July.

The scheme is distinct to CRB checks and would have required new employees and job-movers working or volunteering with children or vulnerable adults to register with the ISA.

Although the scheme has been stopped, changes introduced in October 2009 are still in place. They include the following:

  • Existing requirements concerning CRB and Access NI checks remain in place, and those entitled to such checks can continue to apply for them.

  • The ISA will continue to maintain a constantly updated list of those barred from working with children.

  • Employers are still legally obliged to refer information to the ISA if they have moved or removed an individual because they have harmed or there is a risk of harm to a member of a vulnerable group.

Registered bodies have recently been provided with new (purple) application forms in readiness for the ISA registration. Organisations can continue with plans to use the new forms, ignoring the parts of the application referring to ISA registration.

Schools and colleges should continue to use their existing safeguarding practices, including enhanced CRB/AccessNI disclosures.

More information on the disclosure process can be obtained at www.crb.homeoffice.gov.uk or www.accessni.gov.uk or by calling the CRB Customer Services team on 0870 90 90 811.

The latest guidance about the other aspects of the scheme is available from www.direct.gov.uk, www.nidirect.gov.uk/vetting

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