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Recruitment solution

ASCL has launched a new initiative with Eteach (www.eteach.com) to help members cut their recruitment costs.

ASCL has partnered with Eteach for some time now and we are confident of the standard of quality and service they provide. We have been working with them to develop a new version of their system, specifically to meet the needs of secondary schools and sixth form colleges.

Through an easy to use, web-based service, the system will allow you to:

  • advertise your vacancies online to an audience including 270,000 registered teacher members and via a link on your school/college website

  • attach your school/college application forms and supporting documents to your online adverts and receive applications from candidates by post or via email

  • post vacancies by completing a simple fax form or putting them directly online yourself

  • post an unlimited number of vacancies for a fixed sum, payable monthly or annually

Eteach is sponsoring the first term's usage so all job postings will be free until Easter 2006.

This is an opportunity to create a definitive location where teachers will look for vacancies in secondary schools and sixth form colleges, from which all schools and colleges can gain a much more cost effective and efficient service.

For more information on this service, or if you are an existing Eteach recruitment service customer, please contact Eteach directly on 0845 226 1904.

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