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Reason to celebrate

ASCL members' schools and colleges have pledged an incredible £72,000 to Project Sri Lanka since it was launched on 1 September. Our sincere thanks go to all students and staff who have raised funds which will be used to rebuild and refurbish schools.

World Challenge Expeditions has also had overwhelming interest in the visits to Sri Lanka to help with the project in 2007. More than 60 schools have formally expressed interest in sending groups.

This is far more than expected and, while every effort will be made to accommodate everyone, there is a risk that some schools may be disappointed. World Challenge's top priority is to ensure that each student has a high quality, rewarding experience.

Meanwhile, the impact of students' fundraising is already being felt in Sri Lanka. Working through the charity Adopt Sri Lanka, ASCL has been able to complete its initial four projects. This included refurbishing the residential accommodation for students in a school for the deaf and furnishing another a classroom with desks and chairs. The furniture was made locally, providing employment for the community.

Students at one of the schools, along with workers from Adopt Sri Lanka, celebrated their new building with face painting and balloon hats (above).

However there is still much work to be done and ASCL will continue to raise funds throughout 2006. Please contact Carole Baldam at carole.baldam@ascl.org.uk or 0116 299 1122 to find out more about how your school or college can help support Project Sri Lanka.

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