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Names and faces

Lindsey Wharmby
Funding consultant

According to Lindsey, funding consultant is a less stressful occupation than running a school, with only one small area to think about.

She started as a science (chemistry and physics) teacher in Leicestershire and ended up as head of two secondary schools in Leeds.

She says: "When I joined the Funding, Pay and Conditions Committee on Council I had two excellent gurus in Peter Downes and Peter Johnson. Since retiring from my last headship, I have had time to understand what I should have been doing as a head."

Away from the delights of the national funding system, she is enjoying having control over her life - going on holiday during term time, learning to ride her "foolish but amiable" horse, gardening and rediscovering the joys of a civilised breakfast.

Angela Stewart
Publications and Website Manager

Considering how long Angela has worked for the association, she's coped very well with the new name. In fact, she was part of the team responsible for making sure the change happened smoothly.

Angela was appointed in 1988 as secretary to the then SHA general secretary. As 'one of the originals', she helped establish the headquarters in Leicester after its relocation from London.

As part of the communications team, Angela now runs the busy publications/website and reprographics departments which includes everything from the production and distribution of the materials in the monthly mailing pack, to Leader advertising, to managing the website content and email newsletter.

When not spinning the web, she likes spending time with her two daughters, Megan and Isobel, and watching the rugby, as being a Leicester Tigers fan is nearly a condition of employment in the communications team. Either that, or a chocoholic with a sense of humour!

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