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Diary dates


17-19 Annual Conference Sustaining Leadership, Birmingham

22 Securing a Positive Ethos Using Emotional Intelligence, Sheffield

22 Partners in Leadership, Oxford

23 Preparing for Ofsted Inspection, Swindon

28 The Higher Duty of Care and Responsibilities for Science, Technology, PE Staff and School Health and Safety Officers (Wales), Cardiff

29 Performance Management for Associate/Support Staff, Wakefield FULL

30 Dealing with the Media, Kenilworth


25 Towards Successful Self-Evaluation, Northampton

26 New to the Leadership Team, Nottingham/Derby

27 Preparing for Ofsted Inspection under the New Framework, London


3-4 Current Legal Issues for Schools, Stoke-on-Trent

5 Developing Community Focused Schools (Wales), Cardiff

9 Homerun for Headship, London FULL

11 Financial Awareness, Swindon

12-13 Managing Challenging Personnel, Kenilworth

17 Working with the Unions, Nottingham

17 Preparing for Re-inspection under the New Framework in Wales, Swansea

18 Preparing for Ofsted Inspection, Wakefield

18 Inclusion, London


8 Preparing for Ofsted Inspection, Northampton

15 Conference Extended Schools, Birmingham

27 Conference Young Leaders, London

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