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Raising the bar

ASCL has been involved in discussion with the DfES regarding concerns about schools which may lose training school designation as a result of not being judged to be a 'highly performing specialist school'.

From 2005, the criteria was changed so that the Training Schools Programme is only open to specialist schools which achieve redesignation and which meet the 'high performing' criteria. The criteria are based on value-added performance over three years and progress on five A*-C GCSEs over four years.

We strongly believe that schools which lose 'high performing status' should not automatically lose training status; other criteria, including the quality of their work as a training school, should be taken into consideration.

The DfES has taken these concerns seriously and is in dialogue with us. We hope that by the time this Leader arrives at members' doors, the issue will be favourably resolved. Check the weekly e-newsletter for further developments.

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