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Careers conference

ASCL and the organisation CRAC co-hosted a conference Youth Matters: The Future of Careers Education and Guidance on 6 June in London.

The conference provided delegates with detailed information, useful guidance and existing good practice for making the changes to careers education and guidance work.

To download the presentations from the conference, go to www.crac.org.uk/events/youth_matters/postevent_about.htm

Winston Churchill Trust

Each year, the Winston Churchill Trust offers grants to British citizens to acquire knowledge overseas. These 'fellowships' are a unique opportunity to be reimbursed for travelling abroad while exploring personal or professional areas of interest.

Areas the trust is especially interested in funding in 2007 are science and technology, multicultural relationships, diet and health, special education needs, adventure and exploration, climate change, sport, enriching life for the elderly, theatre, ballet and opera, tourism and history.

The grant covers an overseas stay of four to eight weeks including return air fare, daily living expenses and travel within the countries being visited.

For more information or to apply, contact the Winston Churchill Trust on 0207 581 0410 or office@wcmt.org.uk or visit www.cmt.org.uk

Tony Richardson

Field officer Tony Richardson will retire on 31 August after eight years of exemplary service to ASCL members in the north-west.

Those who have worked with Tony will know him as a fearsome defender of members' interests, who is uncompromising in his beliefs. He has put the fear of God into many a local authority officer's heart.

Tony joined SHA at its inception and has held various positions in Bury and Lancashire, including that of Council representative from 1993 to 1998. Before taking up his field officer post, he was a headteacher for 20 years in Bury and Ormskirk.

ASCL wishes him all the best in his retirement and hopes he now has time to enjoy his favourite pastimes - cycling, walking and feeding the ducks in the countryside near his home in Lancashire.

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