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Disability equality statement

In accordance with the 2005 Disability Discrimination Act, publicly-funded secondary schools in England are required to publish a Disability Equality Statement by December 2006 (primary schools are expected to do so by December 2007). In Wales, all schools must do this by 1 April 2007.

The statement is described in part 3 of the Disability Equality Code. In outline, it must contain:

  • An introduction by governors and the head

  • A description of how disabled people have been involved in drawing it up

  • An action plan

  • An impact assessment and a description of how information will be gathered on the effects on employment and on education

  • A description of how the information will be used to inform the next plan

  • Arrangements for annual reporting

  • An account of how, and by whom, the next version will be prepared (within three years)

  • Arrangements for publishing the statement

For more discussion on the statement, see 'Ability to challenge'.

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