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Response to NUT guidance

Members will know that the NUT issued a guidance document in November, Teachers' Workload and Working Time Policy which was sent to NUT reps, heads and governing bodies. Some of the information in it differs from the official Rewards and Incentives Group (RIG) guidance agreed by the social partnership, which is recognised by the DfES.

ASCL has written a detailed response to the NUT guidance, which clarifies what schools are required, and not required, to do. Members can access it at www.ascl.org.uk under 'current issues'. 

For specific support, contact the ASCL hotline on 0116 299 1122.

Grievance procedures

The Statutory Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures are being clarified by the employment appeal tribunal and the courts.

Two cases recently have established that if an employer is activating a disciplinary process, a written allegation in general terms will suffice if the employee knows what particular act or actions the notice refers to.

The second has established that if an employee is alleging wrongful dismissal (failure to give proper notice) there is no need to raise a grievance, as there would be for unfair dismissal.

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