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ASCL Benovolent Fund helps put wheels in motion

Man and Son Wearing Bike Helmets, on Bike

The October 2006 Leader featured an article about Sean Crosby, who suffered a stroke seven years ago and has been making a steady recovery ever since. The ASCL Benevolent Fund has been providing support for Sean, his wife Maria and son Callum.

We are pleased to report that Sean has made excellent progress in the last year. He was a keen mountain bike rider before the accident and we are delighted that he is now back on (three) wheels. The Benevolent Fund was able to help Sean purchase a light-weight, three-wheel bicycle earlier this year.

Sean says: "We are all doing well and the tricycle is fantastic. I am becoming much more confident all the time in both my speech and the way I hold my body.

"The physiotherapy is making me so much better and inspires me to continue to improve. Callum is very caring and he always helps me with carrying things around the house and looks after me!

"It's now more than seven years since I had my stroke. Gone are the days of a wheelchair and being spoon fed. It is amazing to think that even up to two years ago I would not go to anyone else's house to eat as I was embarrassed about my speech and eating in front of others.

"With the physio and holiday ASCL provided for us last year, I feel like I have a new lease of life. We are extremely grateful for all the help given to us."

The ASCL Benevolent Fund supports members and former members who, for whatever reason, are in need of help.

If you know someone who could benefit from the support of the fund, please contact ASCL headquarters on 0116 299 1122 or carole.baldam@ascl.org.uk

Donations to the fund, either by regular direct debit or a one-off contribution, are gratefully received. Please use the contact details above.

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