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Progression Measures for post-16

ASCL has stated unequivocally that proposed post-16 progression measures should not be made available as part of performance tables or the school profile.

In its response to the consultation on the progression measures, ASCL agreed that the information, in terms of tracking individual student progress between 16 and 19, would be helpful to schools, colleges, local authorities, the LSC and DfES, especially if the information were to be available at individual student progression level.

Schools and agencies involved in giving advice to students could then use it to check the appropriateness of advice to ensure that students are on courses at a suitable level.

The information would be especially useful when institutions are working in partnerships and weaknesses and strengths of specific progression routes can be identified so that appropriate actions can be taken.

To see ASCL's full response to the consultation, visit www.acsl.org.uk and click on members' area/consultations.

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