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Travel insurance? We've got it covered

With the autumn half term around the corner, now is the time to be thinking about a short break - and travel insurance. ASCL is pleased to offer members preferential rates on travel insurance through a new partnership with AIS Direct Limited. With a long tradition in providing annual world-wide travel insurance to the teaching profession, AIS has developed a low cost, high quality policy that is now available to ASCL members and their families.

The annual policy is available to those aged 64 and below at ?57.50 for an individual, ?67.50 for a couple and ?77.50 for a family. This will enable you to take unlimited trips world-wide during the year without having to arrange insurance on an individual basis.

Other schemes are available for those aged 65 and above or for one off trips. Simple medical screening procedures are available for anyone who may have a pre-existing medical condition.

Travel insurance is not just about having cover for your digital camera or luggage in case they go missing - more importantly it's about covering yourself and family in the case of a medical emergency or accident. Should you require medical treatment and/or repatriation to the UK, AIS has a highly experienced team at the end of a phone to assist.

Even when traveling within the EU with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC, which replaced the E111 form), you may have to pay a significant percentage of the cost of treatments. The EHIC only provides limited cover in EU countries, not the whole of Europe, and repatriation is not included. EHIC, therefore, should be an accompaniment to travel insurance, not a substitute.

So when you are planning your holidays remember to include travel insurance as part of your costs. Call the trained staff at AIS on the ASCL Travel Line 0871 226 8486 for immediate cover, a quotation or advice.

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