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Announcement raises the stakes on new diplomas

General Secretary John Dunford sat on a panel along with Secretary of State Ed Balls, Mike Tomlinson, CBI Director-General Richard Lambert, and two vice chancellors for the launch on 23 October of the three new diploma lines - in sciences, humanities and languages.

John's article in the TES the following week set out his immediate reaction. While not quite the full implementation of the Tomlinson report, it is certainly a significant move towards a more coherent, unified 14-19 qualifications system of the sort that ASCL has been advocating for almost 20 years.

As usual the devil will be in the detail, but ASCL believes that the principle is right - to bring traditional high-status subjects into the family of diplomas and thus raise the status of the diploma brand.

The change of heart on diplomas is a strong reminder that, although it may take many years, ASCL policies are extremely influential.

Immediate past president, Malcolm Trobe, is a member of the expert group charged with framing the rules of engagement for the diploma development partnerships on which universities and employers will be strongly represented. Please share your comments and concerns with him at malcolm.trobe@ascl.org.uk so that he can bring them back to the group.

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