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In sickness, not in health

One of the benefits of ASCL membership is discounts and special rates on a range of personal and educational products and services. There are healthcare products, financial advice, online staff well-being systems and self-evaluation surveys. Check out www.ascl.org.uk for the full list.

The latest figure* on sickness absence in the education sector show that for the previous 12 months, there was a small increase, with employers reporting employee absence rising from 4.1 to 4.2 per cent, equating to 9.6 days. This is set against the backdrop of an increase in absence levels for all public service organisations from 4.3 per cent to 4.5 per cent (10.3 days).

At the same time, the survey revealed that the trend for further investment in employee well-being is set to continue, with 42 per cent of respondents indicating that their organisations well-being spend will increase in 2008. The cost and disruption to timetables caused by staff sickness absence is obviously immeasurable, so any positive way in which this could be minimised would be helpful.

The Benenden Healthcare Society can help to reduce the cost of sickness absence by providing affordable healthcare to all employees in the state education sector. As an ASCL partner, Beneden can provide members with access to a 24-hour GP telephone consultation service and can help with diagnostic consultations and tests for any condition, plus help with medical treatment and surgery for a wide range of conditions.

Individual membership is just 1.25 per person per week, or there is a corporate plan available at just 65 per person, per year.

For more information call 0845 052 5730** or visit www.benenden.org.uk/healthcare/corporate-healthcare-plan

You must be under 65 at the time of joining. Some services have a six month qualifying period.

* Chartered Institute of Personnel Directors: Annual survey report 2007 'Absence Management'

** Calls cost a maximum of 4p per minute for BT customers. The price of calls from non-BT lines will vary. Calls may be recorded.

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