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Consultancy could put you at risk

ASCL members who undertake consultancy work outside their normal occupation could be personally at risk of legal action.

For this reason, ASCL has partnered with The Alan Boswell Group to offer an insurance scheme which can protect members who provide consulting services, private tuition, lecturing, coaching outside of their main employment.

The policy is specifically designed for ASCL members and covers educational consultancy and advice plus teaching of all academic subjects, sports coaching, music, drama, technology, cookery and practical science activities.

Broking Director, David Tuttle explains: "Many ASCL members get involved in professional consultancy work or take an advisory role (for example preparing/running courses, advising leadership teams or governing bodies) which falls outside the scope of their contract of employment with the LA or with their school.

"Members may not realise that their employer is not going to provide them with an indemnity against claims arising from such activities - this is effectively self-employed consulting."

The combined public liability and professional indemnity policy will provide cover for legal defence costs and awards of compensation in respect of legal liability.

With premiums starting from 100 a year there is really no reason that members should have to run the risk of legal action personally. For more details, see www.alanboswell.com/ascl

One of the benefits of ASCL membership is discounts and special rates on a range of personal and educational products and services. There are healthcare products, financial advice, online staff well-being systems and self-evaluation surveys. Check out www.ascl.org.uk for the full list.

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