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ASCL is affiliated to the two major international bodies of similar associations, the International Confederation of Principals (ICP) and the European School Heads Association (ESHA). ESHA has recently launched a new website at www.esha.org and ICP's address is www.icponline.org

ESHA's next conference is in Copenhagen from 11 to 13 September (see www.esha2008.dk). All ASCL members are invited to attend and the programme will include high profile educational speakers from many parts of Europe. Once again ASCL bursaries will be available. Contact registry@ascl.org.uk for details.


At its recent meeting at Council in November, ASCL's International Committee welcomed as guest speaker Sylvia Paddock, who is in charge of iNet, the international branch of SSAT. iNet has many excellent schemes for linking schools in different parts of the world, and members might like to check some of these out - many have to potential to enrich considerably the international awareness of students in schools in England and Wales. See www.ssat-inet.net

British Council International Award

The same meeting also heard a presentation from Andy Yarrow, head of Hornsey High School, in which he showcased his school's recent bid to re-gain the British Council International Award. The award is widely recognised as accreditation for excellent work in enriching learning with an international dimension. The range of international work undertaken by Andy's school was impressive, and many were encouraged to look into the award as a way of auditing and developing their school's work. See www.globalgateway.org.uk for more information. If you have views or experiences you would like ASCL's International Committee to hear, please email them to bauckham@bennett.kent.sch.uk - Ian Bauckham, International Committee Chair.

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