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Mapping out new futures

This December sees the retirement of two stalwarts from ASCL Management and Professional Services (MAPS). Both have made lasting contributions to MAPS although their connections to the association reach far beyond their roles as staff.

Harvey Black joined MAPS as consultancy development officer in 2000, responsible for the development and management of the consultancy service. This post morphed into principal officer to recognise the wider brief he took on to support the MAPS expansion over the last five years.

One of Harvey's major areas of responsibility has been the development of the Headship Appointment Service. He has also led several successful training courses and recently co-authored a book New to the Leadership Team based on the successful short course.

Harvey was a head in south Bristol for many years before joining MAPS. He became a member of the association in 1982.

Irene Dalton has been the quality assurance officer for MAPS since 2003 with responsibility for analysing all the evaluation forms from courses, conferences and client activities.

She devised a formula for comparing the results which enabled MAPS to see how well it was doing across all its programmes. In conjunction with other MAPS officers she helped develop the skills and expertise of consultants and facilitators. She also demonstrated her own skills as a trainer and as a consultant.

Irene spent 17 years as head of Wombwell High School in Barnsley. Prior to joining MAPS she was editor of Headlines, the predecessor of Leader, and she has co-authored several association books. She was a member of Council and Executive.

ASCL offers its thanks to Harvey and Irene for their years of service to the association, both paid and unpaid, and wishes them well in their future endeavors.

We also look forward to welcoming John Bennett, formerly head of Thomas Clarkson Community College in Wisbech, to the MAPS staff in January.

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