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New appointment to the MAPS team

John Bennett

ASCL is pleased to welcome John Bennett to the ASCL MAPS team as professional services specialist, in which he will oversee the consultancy service and quality assurance. John has worked for the last 30 years in state secondary schools serving deprived areas.

In 1994, he became one of the youngest secondary headteachers in Norfolk and for 13 years he was headteacher of Marshland High School, in the Fens near Wisbech, an area of acute rural deprivation.

In July 2007 he became head of the Queen's School, Wisbech, later renamed Thomas Clarkson Community College under the Fresh Start initiative. In summer 2008, he resigned his headship to develop his career as a trainer and consultant.

John retains a genuine enthusiasm and commitment towards all aspects of the teaching profession. He said he wants to spend the next five years providing professional support for others and he aims to make ASCL's consultancy service the best known in the country.

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