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Performance tables should be replaced by report card

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Schools should not be subjected to yet another accountability measure, ASCL has said in its response to the DCSF/ Ofsted consultation on the design and content of a school report card.

The consultation states that the "school report card will build on the New Relationship with Schools, further streamlining the accountability system." ASCL fully supports this intention but makes clear that this will only be possible if other accountability measures are removed - in particular the national performance tables and school profile - when the report card is introduced.

ASCL supports the concept of an accountability measure that more accurately reflects schools' overall contribution but stressed that this support is conditional on the report card adhering to eight principles laid out in ASCL's response.

Foremost among these is that it should be equally possible for a good school serving a disadvantaged community and a good school serving a less disadvantaged area to obtain a high score.

Another principle is that there should be no single grade, A to F, summarising overall performance. The grades for each aspect of the scorecard should be reported separately.

The DCSF will report on the outcome of the consultation later this spring alongside a white paper on 21st century schools.

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