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Post-16 funding

ASCL's reaction to the post-16 funding cuts - and its decisive action in requesting that the chancellor reconsider the settlement - were widely reported in the Guardian, Daily Mail, Times, Telegraph, Independent and the BBC.

On 27 February, Past President Brian Lightman appeared on the BBC Politics Show Wales to make similar points about Welsh 16-18 funding which was hit with a 7.4 per cent cut clawback for 2009-10. In an article for the Western Mail, ASCL Cymru Secretary Gareth Jones relayed the anger expressed by Welsh members.

ASCL General Secretary John Dunford said that schools and colleges had responded magnificently to the government's call to increase the number of post-16 students in education. "They have an even more critical part to play during the recession, when more young people are likely to stay in full-time education."

Children's services

John Dunford was interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme on 12 March on how well local authority children's services departments are coping with their dual responsibilities of providing support for education and safeguarding children. John said that, while some councils were doing well, many were struggling.

Sacked school leaders

ASCL's warning of a five-fold rise in the number of leaders losing their jobs since 2004 was reported in the Times, Telegraph, Daily Mail, TES, BBC Online and Yorkshire Post.

John Dunford said: "Local authorities are under pressure from the government to show that they are improving schools and too often they believe that is best demonstrated by sacking heads. In the case of academies, sponsors want to appoint their own teacher, even when current heads are improving their schools."

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