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New modules for BlueSky

BlueSky, the UK's leading e-portfolio, CPD and performance management tool provider is delighted to announce the release of the much anticipated classroom observation and expert database modules.

The classroom observation module will help shape school development priorities and will draw on learning and teaching to inform CPD. The expert database module allows you to create a register of expertise that all staff can access and share.

Innovation is central to BlueSky's philosophy and the company works closely with schools and colleges to develop its products in a way that adds value in the leadership, management and coordination of staff performance. This constant focus on research and development keeps BlueSky at the cutting edge of school improvement tools.

BlueSky has more than 1,000 schools and colleges using its e-solution. The website offers a cost-effective premium service, as well as an unlimited help desk support and free access to all upgrades and developments. Schools and colleges also have the opportunity to become part of a growing network of Centres of Excellence, sharing practice and informing future developments.

As an ASCL preferred supplier BlueSky offers a 10 per cent discount to all schools and colleges with an ASCL member in their senior leadership team.

For further details call Bridget on 01483 880004 or visit www.blueskyeducation.co.uk

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