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Employing overseas teachers


Members wishing to employ nationals of countries outside the European Economic Area (EU plus others) are reminded that under the new immigration rules, permission to work in the UK is granted on a points system based on the perceived needs of the nation.

Maths and science teachers are deemed to fall into this category but currently no other teachers are. ASCL has continued to challenge this, as it is clear that in some areas of the country teacher recruitment in other subjects is also difficult. The rules can be found at the UK Border Agency site at www.bia.homeoffice.gov.uk.

The pressure to keep 'English jobs for English workers' (or at least English jobs for EEA workers) continues to increase. All jobs must be advertised for four weeks in a Job Centre before being advertised outside the European Economic Area. This will include overseas teachers.

Members are advised to check with a human resources specialist or direct with the Border Agency as there are significant penalties for illegally employing migrant labour.

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