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Ofsted must be more accountable


Proposals to reform Ofsted's complaints' procedure do not go far enough, ASCL has said in its response to the consultation on improving the inspectorate's existing procedures.

ASCL welcomed the decision to improve the complaints' procedures, which are grossly inadequate and have left many ASCL members dissatisfied with the fairness of the outcome.

However, under the consultation proposals, Ofsted would continue to make the decision in house whether to uphold a complaint.

ASCL stated strongly that there must be an independent body which decides whether to uphold complaints. As long as the decision-making process remains within Ofsted, ASCL said, the perception that the outcome is biased against complainants will remain.

In its response, ASCL said: "A system which demands that school and college leadership be robust must, itself, be manifestly open and fair: its position is compromised when the inspection body is largely self-regulating.

"An organisation which demands that school leaders are accountable must itself be accountable."

To read the full consultation response, go to www.ascl.org.uk/consultations

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