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ASCL’s assistance for middle leaders

Middle leaders are the future of our education system - and future ASCL members. That's why we have formed an Emerging Leaders Network, to support middle leaders who have the desire and ambition to move into senior leadership positions.

The Emerging Leaders Network is about more than invitations to courses, although that is part of it. It is about building a network where future leaders can begin to share ideas and experiences outside of their own institutions.

At the moment, membership of the Emerging Leaders Network is free to any middle leader who is keen to develop his/her leadership skills and has the endorsement of his/her line manager. Membership of the network includes:

  • an email newsletter twice a term with relevant updates and advice

  • occasional ASCL publications which we think would be helpful

  • a discount on relevant ASCL courses

  • opportunities for informal networking with colleagues

For more information or to nominate someone for the network, go to www.ascl.org.uk/Home/About_us/Emerging_Leaders/

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