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More on grievances

In the September Leader, SHA warned of the likelihood of an increased number of grievances being taken out against employers. In view of this, it is important that members look carefully at their governors' procedures regarding the conduct of hearings when the complaint is against a member of the leadership team.

SHA will do all it can to support members who are the subject of a grievance and it is important that procedures allow for a SHA representative to be at the meeting to watch over the interests of our members.

It is also important that governors and their clerk are trained in handling the issues that may arise and have a firm grip on the law covering them. While the aim of a grievance procedure is to achieve a reasonable resolution, the adversarial nature of the proceedings is liable to lead to the head feeling exposed and undermined.

Good chairing of the meeting can ensure that this does not happen, even when governors decide that there is some substance in the grievance. SHA's consultancy service can provide training for governors in this area.

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