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Calling assistant and deputy heads

The SHA name change is indicative of the fact that the association is committed to the concept of the leadership team and represents the interests of all school leaders.

The majority of our current members are not heads, but all are equally concerned with leading schools and colleges for the 21st century.

SHA Council has a committee which is particularly concerned with the issues facing leadership team members who are not heads, called DASH (deputy and assistant heads). The committee is open to all leadership team members and now includes several heads. Committee members do not need to sit on Council.

This year DASH is looking particularly at the roles and accountabilities of different leadership team members so that the association can make the case for improved remuneration which is appropriate to the roles played in schools and colleges.

There are already many non-head representatives of Council, but it is a concern that the numbers do not reflect the larger proportion who are members of the association.

If there are vacancies in your district, or if you would like to stand for election as a national representative (open to all members), we urge you to put your name forward when we ask for nominations.

By being a Council member you will have an opportunity to influence policy, you will find you develop professionally and I know you will enjoy the two-day Council meetings.

National elections are held in the spring term and district elections in the autumn, so look out for the nomination papers and please don't feel that you have not been a member long enough to put your name forward.

If you would like to speak to anyone about becoming a Council representative or sitting on the DASH Committee, please contact myself on 01495 217121, Carole Baldam, registrar, on 0116 299 1122 or Sue Kirkham, SHA president, on 07843 286180.

Pauline Thomas, Honorary Secretary

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