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Ofsted inspections and data

While the majority of feedback on the new inspection system is positive, concern over the use of the CVA Panda by some lead inspectors continues to mount.

John Dunford, Sue Kirkham and Inspections Consultant Keith Dennis met senior HMI at Ofsted on 21 March to raise again the concerns we have with the way this data is being used.

ASCL agreed that contextual value-added is potentially better than value-added, but argued that it must never be used to make or constrain judgements and the limitations of contextual value-added data must be recognised. There will always be schools not doing as well as others because they are set against an average.

When they are inspected, members are asked to write to Keith at ASCL headquarters or to email him at keith.dennis@ascl.org.uk

Keith needs the date of your inspection, the name of the lead inspector and a note or two on any positive and/or negative features of the experience. He is particularly interested in your view of the way in which the inspection team used CVA data.

Keith is also ready to provide advice before and during inspections - please contact him if you need to talk to someone who understands the way in which inspectors work and who has experience of advising those who wish to complain about an inspection.

If you do make a complaint, please copy Keith into the correspondence.

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