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The revised TUPE regulations (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment) have now been published. Generally they are of limited relevance to schools and colleges, but as more schools are shut or amalgamated, TUPE is likely to become of greater interest to members.

Members are reminded of the importance of local negotiation and of contacting the ASCL hotline if they are involved in a potential TUPE issue.

A recent case has established that if an employer fails to consult over a TUPE transfer, the compensation should be 13 weeks' pay.

Bird flu

The Department of Health has published a leaflet for parents entitled Pandemic Flu - Important Information for You and Your Family. The leaflet is available in doctors' surgeries, supermarkets and online.

The DfES recommends that school and college leaders, in the next couple of months, familiarise themselves with this leaflet.

Parents or students might start asking questions which this leaflet will help to answer. To order copies, telephone 08701 555 455 or email dh@prolog.uk.com

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