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Ofsted commeth - again...

Currently Ofsted is trialling proportionate inspection - very short inspections for high achieving schools (two very good Ofsted reports supported by data which indicates that there is no slip in performance), ie one inspector for one day. Schools don't volunteer for this, they are chosen.

More worrying, next term Ofsted is also trialling 'monitoring' visits to schools that were given a notice to improve and to schools that were graded satisfactory but which were on the cusp of grades 3 and 4. These schools will have had some areas judged unsatisfactory.

In response to Ofsted's consultation in April, ASCL supported shorter inspections for schools with excellent Ofsted reports, but we strongly opposed the suggested increase in inspection for some schools judged 'satisfactory'.

To impose more frequent inspections on schools which are deemed satisfactory would be counter-productive and encourage short-term fixes rather than long-term improvement. We will continue to make Ofsted aware of our objections.

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