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Help the hotline

The number of calls to the ASCL hotline has increased steadily over the past months, with upwards of 50 and 60 calls being received a day. This is at least double the number received five years ago. As membership continues to grow, and government continues to roll out new initiatives, we expect the number to continue to rise.

To make sure that the hotline maintains the same high level of service for members, plans are in place to increase the number of hotline staff on duty. Until that system is active, we ask members for their patience if no one is able to deal with their call immediately.

With the growing use of automated phone systems, hotliners frequently find that they are spending more time waiting to connect to a member who has previously left a message with the switchboard.

We would ask that, whenever possible, members requesting a callback leave either a direct dial number or the number of a secretarial support person.

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