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New ministers: positive meeting

Sue Kirkham and John Dunford took up invitations to meet with both the new Secretary of State, Alan Johnson and the Minister for Schools, Jim Knight in mid-May.

The discussion was wide-ranging and John and Sue put forward ASCL's views on a number of subjects, including the imminent review of school leaders' pay and conditions.

They stressed that the recruitment situation will only improve when measures are put in place to reduce the workload and recognise the increased level of accountability senior leaders face.

Speaking on 14-19 collaboration, they emphasised that collaboration must be adequately funded if the full entitlement to the new specialised diplomas is to be met by 2013.

They also conveyed members' frustrations that the new relationship with schools has not in reality led to the level of intelligent accountability that was originally intended. They stressed the need for workforce reform and the new relationship to reduce the workload of senior leaders.

Both meetings were constructive and we look forward to establishing a productive relationship with the new ministers.

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