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Sustainable schools

ASCL has given its support to the government's framework on sustainable schools, as a tool for building on the good work already taking place in schools and colleges.

ASCL pointed out, and the DfES acknowledged, that many schools and colleges are already working toward sustainable development - even if they haven't called it that - through environmental clubs and initiatives like greener travel, community clean-ups and using local produce.

John Dunford said: "I hope the government will use this consultation to learn more about what it can do to support schools and communities in becoming more sustainable. There is much good practice to be spread across the system, and little to be gained from setting additional targets."

The consultation document asks how the curriculum, campus and community can become more sustainable in eight key areas: food and drink, energy and water, travel and transport, purchasing and waste, buildings and grounds, inclusion and participation, local well-being, and the global dimension.

The document, titled Sustainable Schools for Pupils, Communities and the Environment is available to download from Teachernet. Responses to the consultation are due by 1 September.

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