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Treasury's attention on science

ASCL members who anticipate less scrutiny of education in a Gordon Brown-led government are advised to read the Treasury guidance Science and innovation investment framework 2004-2014: next steps, particularly section 6, 'Improving the supply of scientists'.

The measures set out to achieve this include:

  • achieve year on year increases in the number of young people taking A levels in physics, chemistry and mathematics so that by 2014 entries to A level physics are 35,000 (currently 24,200); chemistry A level entries are 37,000 (currently 33,300); and mathematics A level entries are 56,000 (currently 46,168)

  • make science a priority in schools by including science in the School Accountability Framework

  • give an entitlement from 2008 for all pupils achieving at least level 6 at key stage 3 to study three separate science GCSEs, to increase progression to, and attainment at, A level science

Obviously, this would have huge implications for members if acted upon and ASCL will be monitoring any developments closely. Download a copy of the guidance at www.hm-treasury.gov.uk under publications.

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