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ASCL to offer primary courses

We are pleased to announce that ASCL MAPS (Management and Professional Services), the association's training and development arm, is extending its consultancy services to primary schools. It has also adapted two popular one-day seminars for primaries and will launch these in September.

Over the last few years, ASCL's consultants and trainers have worked with literally hundreds of secondary schools and colleges, building up an extensive repository of knowledge and expertise along the way.

While primary schools operate in hugely different contexts which require their own approaches, many of the core issues, for instance in Ofsted inspection and self-evaluation, are fundamentally the same. Thus ASCL consultants are well placed to be able to extend their knowledge to colleagues in the primary market.

The two seminars which will be offered to primary schools are Preparing for Ofsted Inspection and Coaching in Schools.

There are no plans to extend ASCL membership to primary schools. In terms of policy development and member services, the association remains focused exclusively on the needs of secondary schools and colleges. As always, the revenue from MAPS activity goes back into improving ASCL's member services and keeping subscription rates down.

If you have primary colleagues who you think would be interested in ASCL's consultancy service or primary courses, please ask them to contact The MAPS Office on 01162991122 or conferences@ascl.org.uk

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