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Invalid LA policies ASCL has learned of instances of schools adopting personnel policies (on discipline and absence, for example) offered to them by their local authorities (LA) on the reasonable assumption that the LA had consulted on them, when in fact it had not.

Some local authority education personnel departments have been abolished and new outsourced, corporate personnel departments may have failed to realise that they must consult teacher unions as well as local government unions before issuing such guidance.

Members are advised to adopt policies offered by their LA only after they have verified that all recognised trades unions - including ASCL - have been consulted.

Consultation on the extended project

The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) has developed a draft framework and criteria for an extended project at level 3, as first introduced in the 14-19 White Paper published a year ago.

The aim is for students to produce an in-depth piece of work that requires a high degree of planning, research and autonomous working.

The new qualification will form a part of A level programmes and of specialised diplomas. It will be available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland so QCA is working closely with the regulators in Wales (DELLS) and Northern Ireland (CCEA) on its development.

ASCL members are encouraged to respond to the consultation on the framework before 18 August. Information can be found at www.qca.org.uk/12086_16611.html The intention is for the extended project to be piloted from September 2006 to summer 2008.

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