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Names and faces

Michael Howells - Field Officer, Wales

Mike was headteacher of two Catholic comprehensive schools in Cardiff and joined SHA when he took up his first appointment in 1980. He became a field officer in 1999, coinciding with the beginning of devolved government for Wales. He is also clerk to the Corporation of St David's Catholic Sixth Form College, Cardiff.

Besides casework, Mike keeps an eye on how the Welsh Assembly Government is affecting the leadership responsibilities of members in Wales. He enjoys the role and admires the wonderful opportunities his colleagues provide for students in the schools he visits.

Married to Dot, with two daughters, a son and seven grandchildren, he lives in Wenvoe, near Cardiff, where he is a past captain of the village cricket team.

Grandchildren, watching Glamorgan and England cricket, gardening, theatre and music, plus being chair of a primary school governing body, keep Mike busy and content.

Chris McGarva - Membership Secretary

Chris has been with the association since 1999, having previously worked in FE administration for 10 years. Her work involves all aspects of membership, from requests for an application form through to helping members who are leaving because of retirement or change of career direction. Many of you may have contacted her with subscription queries or to report a change of post or workplace - she is always delighted to receive prior notice of changes!

Chris has varied interests but one of her passions is reading - mainly fiction, although she is fairly familiar with the back of cereal packets and sauce bottles. She is also a lacemaker and pleased to be involved with helping to keep a beautiful craft alive. For her sins, she is an OU student; her current ambition is to finish her degree and get back to the serious business of reading and lacemaking.

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