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Single status agreement

ASCL is aware that implementation of the single status pay agreement is causing unease for many members around the country. Local authorities seem to be going ahead in a patchy way and we are extremely concerned that the outcome is likely to disadvantage members, primarily bursars and business managers, in some areas.

If you receive an indication that your salary may be cut as a result of the single status agreement, please phone the ASCL hotline on 0116 299 1122 immediately.

There are also serious budget and workload implications for schools in areas where the support staff salary costs are likely to increase. If this is the situation in your authority please inform ASCL on janet.jones@ascl.org.uk

We have contacted all directors of children's services to alert them to the fact that pay and conditions matters pertaining to bursars and business managers should be subject to consultation with ASCL. This letter was copied to all of our branch secretaries, who will respond locally where appropriate.

ASCL's view has always been that bursars and business managers in the leadership group should be paid on the leadership spine, with salary level determined by relative job weight. We will continue to press for this.

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