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Study leave

The DfES has reminded schools that study leave is to be recorded as authorised absence both in registers and in PLASC. The department recognises that this may have a negative effect on some schools' attendance figures but points out that this has been the rule for some time.

Exchange visits

The DfES has responded to a query from ASCL over checks on host parents in foreign exchange situations. There is no reason not to seek CRB checks and such parents do come under the category of volunteer.

The DfES points out that parents who host foreign children are in loco parentis to them. The final decision whether to seek checks or not, however, is left to the judgement of the head of the host school.

Bugged conversations

A recent case in an Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has established that an employee can use a clandestine recording of a governors' staff discipline committee in an employment tribunal. The EAT rejected suggestions that either privacy or public policy considerations precluded this (except for the private deliberations of the governors).

Members are reminded that in all their relations with staff, parents and students they may be considered to be carrying out a public act and they will be unlikely to be protected by the courts from clandestine recording. However, the value of such recording as evidence may be questioned and examined.

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