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Policy change on day six exclusions

The DfES has reversed its draft guidance on the regulations over day six exclusions, following pressure from ASCL. The Education and Inspections Act makes it incumbent on schools to provide alternate full-time education after the sixth day of exclusion. However it was only in the draft guidance from the DfES that it became apparent this would apply to cumulative days of exclusion throughout the year.

ASCL strongly objected, stating that the regulation should only apply to sequential exclusion days. After ASCL pointed out that the guidance was not a workable option for schools, and that it created a perverse incentive to exclude pupils permanently, the DfES agreed to the ASCL objection.

John Dunford said: "We raised a concern about a requirement that would have placed a huge burden on some ASCL members. Ministers listened and, very sensibly, saw that this was not a workable option."

This guidance arises from the Steer report on behaviour and, as the report proposed, parents will be responsible for ensuring that their children are looked after during the first five days of exclusion.

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