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More money for standards grant?

In his pre-budget report, the Chancellor announced that there would be a further £130 million going into schools in 2007-08 through the Schools Standard Grant.  As usual an impressive sounding "average amount of £225 per secondary pupil" was included in the press release.

Before you plan the expenditure of this money take note of the word 'average'. It is highly likely that there will be no 'average' secondary school in England - but all secondary schools will receive some extra money.

Since the money is being routed through the School Standards Grant on a simple per pupil amount you will be able to calculate your amount once you have your January pupil count data.  But the formula for allocating SSG is changing from a banded amount to a lump sum plus per pupil, plus extra for personalised learning (based on pupil numbers, social deprivation and pupil prior attainment).

If your SSG is gradually decreasing relative to other schools in your original band, this decrease will apply to the new money as well. So it is not easy. There is now an updated calculator available on www.teachernet.gov.uk (go to school funding and follow the links).

Lindsey Wharmby, funding consultant

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